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About Matthew Hunter – Personal Trainer City of London

Sport and fitness has always been a great passion of Matt’s, having competed in athletics from a very young age and ranking among the top 10 in England for his age group for a number of years. It was this love of athletics, which prompted his desire to establish a career in fitness, with the aim of motivating and inspiring others to attain a healthy lifestyle and achieve their fitness goals. With over 13 years of personal training experience under his belt, Matt established Hunter Fitness in 2006. Hunter Fitness is currently based at The Andaz Hotel Health Club, by McDonald’s at Liverpool Street Station, where the majority of Hunter Fitness clients are city-based workers from high profile firms and organisations.

Matt is a highly motivated and dedicated fitness Professional. He prides himself on his professional attitude and ability to tailor a programme or session to his clients’ individual needs and wants, recognising that everyone is different and therefore has vastly different attitudes, goals and interests when it comes to fitness and training. Matt’s personal goal is to constantly strive to achieve the most beneficial and rewarding training experience for each of his clients, while offering motivation, encouragement and support in order to maximise results and enjoyment.

For more than 10 years, Matt has been transforming the bodies of 100’s of men and women who come from dramatically different genetic backgrounds, but have a few resounding things in common: They want an exercise program that’s a lifestyle rather than a trend, they want consistent and ever-evolving results, and they want to feel strong, lean, and like they are the best version of themselves.

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We offer a wide range of plans to suit most people’s needs. Our trainers will tailor a training program to suit your individual requirements, either on a one-on-one basis, or a small group session, if you prefer to train with friends.


We understand that everyone is different, so we don’t have a ‘one size fits all’ approach. If you prefer to train outside a gym, we can arrange for an instructor to come to your home, subject of course to equipment and space requirements.


So whether you’re new to exercise, or a more serious athlete or fitness buff, your program will be specifically designed for you. Our trainers have a wealth of experience in all fields of fitness and the psychology of fitness, so we’ll keep reinventing the wheel in order to maximize your results and ensure you get the most out of your sessions.



Functional and Integrated Strength and Conditioning

Core Training

A program that includes components of balance & stability, abdominal and lower back work, and all the muscles of the trunk

Fat / Weight Loss

Dealing with the ever-present anxieties associated with bodyweight culture in our society is a particular concern. Matt will devote much effort to devising personal approach to individual decision-making in this area. Dietary advice for weight management covering gain or loss is part of a full conditioning program

Circuit Training

Increase your strength and aerobic fitness and burn lots of calories in one workout using multiply exercises


Matt can work closely which doctors, surgeons, and physiotherapists to help you recover from any type of medical condition. Matt has great experience with working with people with lower back pain, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes and many other medical Conditions

Sports Specific

Individually designed programmes for individuals who are preparing for sporting events such as marathons, triathlons, football, rugby or combat sports

QUALIFICATIONS – BA (HONS) Sports and Fitness Studies

BA Sport & Fitness Studies

Advanced Instructor Level 3

Register of Exercise Professionals

Fitness Instruction & Circuit Training Instructor


GP Referral Qualified

The Wright Foundation

Spinning instructor Phase 1 & 2

National Studio Cycling Register

Scientific Core Conditioning

Paul Chek

Swiss Ball Training

Paul Chek

Reebok Core Training

Reebok University

Fitness Assessment & Health Appraisal

Premier Training

Speed, Agility & Quickness Preliminary Award


Power Plate Training

Power Plate UK

MEND Programme Leader

Lifestyle Coaching

Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification

Precision Nutrition

Olympic Lifting

1st4sport Level 1 Award in Coaching Weight Lifting

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The Andaz Hotel Health Club
40 Liverpool Street
London EC2M 7QN


07789 991 975

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